Rosanna Casalnuovo

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Dynamism and Deconstructivism

Interaction space-form through motion, fracture and color

It’s a multidisciplinary art project where converge math, programming and video art. It's the full version of a series of abstract videos realized with generative code and inspired by Futurism and Deconstructivism in the visual arts. Futurism, whose dynamism is the main characteristic, and Deconstructivism are analyzed to find the features of these two movements. Motion and speed, chaos and fracture, form and deformation, color and light are features that belong to both movements although with different meanings. Each video is suggested by them.

Dynamism and deconstructivism Nr.1 - Motion and speed

Futurism is the hymn to modernity and the myth of the speed: motion represents the superiority of dynamic versus static. Deconstructivism realizes a static disorder by showing instability through disarticulated geometric shapes generate the motion in the space.

Dynamism and deconstructivism Nr.2 - Chaos and fracture

Futurists give attention to cities: the metropolis caught in its development generates caos, a multiplication of points of view, a dynamic interaction with the surrounding space. In Deconstructivism there is a fracture between form and function, a fragmentation of lines and forms, a new vision of space and forms: the chaos.

Dynamism and deconstructivism Nr.3 - Form and deformation

Futurists represent the dynamic that changes constantly, transforms and advances in the future into a continuous generation of new forms. Deconstructivists deform the forms and the spaces, in the space there is a compenetration between interior and exterior.

Dynamism and deconstructivism Nr.4 - Color and light

For futurists, every object doesn't live in isolation but its motion changes for the influence of other objects not only in the form but also as a result of the reflections of colors and light. In Deconstructivism the light and the colors are used to accentuate the directions of motion and forms, highlighting the characteristics of the different materials.

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