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The responsible for this website is Rosanna Casalnuovo, you can contact her for all questions about privacy at this email:

spazioformadesign (AT) gmail (DOT) com

This website doesn' t keep personal data of users unless they interact with contact form.
If someone have done so can either withdraw directly or ask the owner of the site.

What are cookies
A Cookie is a small data file that websites save on your computer or mobile device in web browser when you visit them.

Technical and statistic Cookies
The technical Cookies are strictly necessary to provide the website functionality and can be divided into:

- session Cookie, used to save preference and optimize Users navigation;
- analysis Cookie, used anonymously to collect and analyze the website traffic and usage data;
- functional Cookie, also of third parties, used to active specific features required on the site.

These Cookies don't require consent of the User.

Other Cookies or third parties services which could use them
Some services listed below could not require consent of the User.
Some of these services are managed by third parties and could track the User.
However there is the framework EU–US Privacy Shield for regulating transatlantic exchanges of personal data.

For information it is recommended to view the privacy policy of the services listed.

Statistic service consents to monitor and analyze web traffic and to track User actions on sites.

- Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a service of web analysis offered by Google Inc. (for EEA and Switzerland is Google Ireland Limited) to track and to report website traffic.
In the property of GA related to this site has been set not expire automatically for the maintenance of data storage, which in any case have been anonymized and aggregated solely for statistical purposes.
Personal data collected: Cookie and usage data
Place of service: USA or EU – Privacy PolicyPrivacy Shield FrameworkOpt Out

Interaction with social network and visualization of contents from external platforms
These services consent to interact with social network, or with other external platforms, directly from website pages.
The interactions and the informations are subject to privacy policy of User related each social network or external platform, however it's possible, also in the case the Users don't use the service, that it collects traffic data related the pages in which it's installed.

- Cargo and Persona
Cargo is a service to create and visualize portfolio while Persona is a web-card for personal webpage offered by Cargo Collective Inc.
Personal data collected: Cookie and usage data
Place of service: USA or EU - Privacy PolicyPrivacy Shield Framework

- Vimeo
Vimeo is a service to visualize video content offered by Vimeo LLC
Personal data collected: Cookie and usage data
Place of service : USA  or EU – Privacy Policy – Privacy Shield Framework -  Opt Out

- Medium
Medium is a service of publishing offered by Medium Corporation
Personal data collected: Cookie and usage data
Place of service : USA – Privacy Policy

- Behance
Behance is a service to create and visualization portfolio offered by Behance Inc. ( for EEA and Switzerland is Adobe Systems Software Ireland Limited)
Personal data collected: Cookie and usage data
Place of service: USA – Privacy Policy  – Privacy Shield FrameworkOpt Out 

- Krop
Krop is a service to create a portfolio and a job platform offered by Krop Inc.
Personal data collected: Cookie and usage data
Place of service: USA – Privacy Policy

Contact form
The data of who sends messages, are stored in my account. At the request of the person who sent the message, I can delete all the data concerning the user name, email address, URL of the site and body of the message.

How can I check the installation of Cookie?
The User can manage the preferences related Cookies directly in his browser and prevent, for example, the installation of third parties. Through the preferences of broweser it's possible also remove the old Cookies installed, included the Cookies of this site. It's important to note that if you disable all Cookies, the functionality of this site can be compromised. You can find information how to manage the Cookies in your browser here: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera and Microsoft Edge.
In the case of services offered by third parties, the User can exercise his right to oppose tracking viewing privacy policy of third parties, through the link of opt out if it is provided, or contacting them.
The User can also use Your Online Choices. Through this service it's possible manage the tracking preferences most of the advertising tools.

Legal references
Notice for Users: this privacy policy is redacted to accomplish obligations of EU rule 2016/679 also known as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing and free movement of personal data, however also for Europe there is EU–US Privacy Shield for regulating transatlantic exchanges of personal data.

Last modification: 25 November 2019
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